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Confessions of a stylist

I have always been in love with cooking. And interiors. And decorating. And, let’s face it, just about anything to do with creating that perfect world for myself and those closest to me. So it was probably not too surprising I decided to make styling my chosen career. Although I think it really found me. With a little help from my beautiful friend Vivian.

I have now been styling for over 25 years, and have been truly inspired by the extraordinary versatility and fulfillment this creative expression brings. It has seen me fortunate enough to travel extensively and work, not just here in Australia, but for a substantial part of my career in the US and various other locations across the globe. Although Australia will always be home.

I like to mix it up. I love the simple yet complex beauty of imperfection just as much as the crazy compulsion of absolute perfection. And the fabulous world of styling offers all that in spades. So, whether it’s in the sand-blown and blisteringly hot outback trying to create the perfect damper for a TV commercial that's actually about fashion, or in San Fran meticulously constructing thirty intricate and delicate desserts for an upcoming book with a lot of pre-launch hype, I’ve pretty well seen it all.

So, why are we here?
My passion for this work, combined with years of experience, has provided me with a undeniable desire and enthusiasm to bring my understanding of the beauty aesthetic to those around me. We are all fabulous. And we all express that in our own unique and diverse way. Having the courage to be ourselves is perhaps the greatest gift we can be blessed with. And that is what provides, for me, the inspiration to do what I do – create the best possible emotion, experience or environment I can imagine - and hopefully in the process encourage and inspire those around me to be everything they can be too.

If you truly wish to make your mark, bringing your own sense of style and aesthetic is what this game is all about. Your point of difference will go a long way to defining your success. As long as it's based on some firm foundations and tried and tested truths. My aim is to nurture and advise, to pass on all the knowledge and experience I have gained over my many years in this industry, through a series of workshops covering the various styling genres my work involves. Think of me as that angel (or devil) sitting on your shoulder, while you navigate your own path through what, for me, has been the best journey I ever embarked upon.

So, whatever reason brought you to be reading this right now, whatever your journey, wherever you've been and wherever you see yourself in the months or years to come, I would love to hear your story.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Deb McLean

The Art of Styling - Workshops

Whether your aim is to take your homemade dishes from the merely edible to the truly eye-catching, you want to take your social media photography to another level, you would simply like to freshen up a tired room in your house, or you are seriously considering a career in styling, these workshops will more than whet your appetite.

In an era where the imagery of social media has become an art form in itself, where the styling and plating of food has become almost as important as the food itself, and style in one way or another permeates every part of life, join us for a day of enriching experiences, full of inspiration, information, hands-on involvement and a little fun along the way. Take a journey with Deb McLean, renowned stylist and endlessly creative soul, as she shares a life’s worth of passion, knowledge and experience to help like-minded people discover their own hidden talents and creative ideas.

Deb will introduce you to the wonderful, and sometimes crazy, world of styling. She will take you through the preparation, the processes, the techniques and the tricks, the do's and the don't's and everything in between. She'll present a styling exercise in real time, explain why some things work and others don't, and answer all of your questions. You will then put your new-found knowledge to the test when you get your own hands dirty and try to replicate (or outdo!) Deb herself.

You will learn the tips and tricks that the professionals use, hear the stories of someone who has been in the industry for nearly three decades, and share the whole experience in an inspiring and unique environment.

Our workshops include:
• An introduction to the world of styling
• The stylist's kit
• Creating a mood through backgrounds, props & product
• Creating your own backgrounds
• Tips and tricks of the trade
• Understanding a client's brief
• Working to a budget
• Setting up backgrounds and props for photography
• Tips and techniques for great photographic results
• Why lighting is so important
• Hands-on styling of your own set under Deb's tuition
• Professional photoshoot of your final styled set
• Lunch or afternoon tea, dependent upon workshop
St Andrews Beach, Mornington Peninsula
June 4, 2017 - 10am-5pm
  • learn how to bring mood and emotion to the plate through preparation, presentation and style. this workshop will take you through the creation of three individual dishes, each using exactly the same set of ingredients, but prepared, plated and presented in dramatically different ways. You will then get to try it for yourself, culminating in the final styling, plating and photography of your very own culinary creation.
+gst per person
The Establishment Studios, Melbourne
July 2, 2017 - 10am-5pm
  • Great photographic images, like great art, should elicit an emotional response from the viewer. whether it's a modern take on the old masters, a surreal, dark and emotive vignette, or a slick and minimal advertising image, this workshop will take you through the creation of three beautiful and dramatic table-top still life images. You will then get to try it for yourself, culminating in the final styling and photography of your very own masterpiece.
+gst per person
The Establishment Studios, Melbourne
August 27, 2017 - 10am-5pm
  • there is an inherent beauty in all things natural. and far more than mere nourishment or decoration, food and foliage can be an art form in itself. there is possibly no more beautiful a thing to work with and capture. this workshop will teach you the art of the overhead, in both contemporary and traditional styles, using local seasonal produce and foliage sourced from our very own property. You will then get to try it for yourself, culminating in the styling and photography of your very own visual feast.
+gst per person

Deb McLean is one of Australia's foremost photographic stylists. She has worked as a food, interiors and fashion stylist for over 25 years, both in Australia and overseas.

Deb's reputation precedes her, and she is in constant demand for her unique and dynamic style. Just as comfortable working on a television commercial as she is on a stills shoot, Deb brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project she is engaged on, which can only be gained over many years working at the highest level.

Having spent an extended time overseas, predominantly in the US working for the likes of Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn and West Elm, Deb now focusses her efforts a little closer to home. While based in Melbourne, she still travels extensively within Australia due to her wide client base.

Her past and present clients read like a who's-who of the the best known brands and retailers in food, interiors and lifestyle, and include News Limited, DuPont, Braun, Cadbury, Puma, Dulux, Diners Club, Kodak, Latina Pasta, Crown Casino, Schnitz, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Lee Kum Kee, Berger, Kollab, Coles, Zuster, Snow Victoria, Officeworks, Electrolux, Beacon Lighting, Royal Oak Floors, MRD Home, Provincial Home Living, Harris Scarfe and Trend Union Paris.

Colin Doswell has worked in the various disciplines of graphic design, art direction, photography and multimedia for over 35 years. His passion for the creative arts has driven a wide and varied career, including 12 years as Senior Art Director for News Limited. This was followed by the establishment of his own practise specialising in design, art direction, photography and film production, which he has subsequently run for the past 20 years.

More recently his passion for the visual image has found him direct his efforts more toward photography and film. He works both independently and in partnership with Deb, creating and shooting campaigns for many clients both in Australia and Europe.

You can see examples of Deb and Colin's work here www.doswellandmclean.com

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